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Muscle Foods: The Key to Eating Right for Men

muscle foods for men

If you are hitting the gym for some time, chances are you already know that getting that perfect sculpted body takes more than just lifting weights. Building your abs and training your muscles requires a formula that includes eating the right types of food and drinking lots of fluid. So how do you eat your way to get that perfect abs?

It’s all About Nutrition

Protein intake is important in building muscles. However, aside from protein you also need enough amounts of vitamins and minerals for your body to work properly.

  • Fruits and Vegetables- Like any other healthy meal plan, having a decent amount of fruits and vegetable is important. They provide vitamins, minerals and fiber, essential for maintaining the proper regulatory functions of the body.
  • Low Fat Dairy Products- Aside from being a great source of high quality protein, low fat dairy products such as yogurt, and chocolate milk contains complex carbs. and essential vitamins such as potassium, calcium and vitamin D. These dairy products are excellent as recovery drinks taken after workout.
  • Lean Meat- Lean meat are rich in iron essential for creating red blood cells that transports oxygen to your muscles. It also contains amino acids such as leucine which can help promote muscle growth and development.
  • Eggs- Like lean meat, eggs are also a great source of protein. It also contains all of the essential amino acids that can help promote muscle growth. The daily recommended allowance for eggs is once a day.
  • Nuts- Nuts is not only considered as food for the brain but also contains vitamins, minerals, healthy fat and fiber. All of these are essential for muscle formation. Nuts is also a great source of protein.
  • Complex Carbs- Complex carbs such as wheat, whole grains, beans can be a great source of protein. These food sources also contains minerals essential for muscle repair.

Your Timing is Crucial

You need carbs and protein for strength training and muscle recovers. The best way to go is to consume small amounts of both all throughout the day coupled with healthy fats. This can help you recover your strength after workout and nourish your body before workout. Try drinking chocolate milk or low-fat dairy products one hour after workout to give your muscles the nutrients it need to recover. If you are planning to have a meal one to two hours after your workout routine, you can skip the chocolate milk and just wait for the meal for nourishment.

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