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Harmless Cosmetics? Or Poison?

Pretty Poison

Every woman wants to be pretty. But what if getting pretty means dying early? Would you still want to go through it? Whether you want a shampoo commercial hair, or a fair blemish free skin, or give your body a tan, there are products and treatments available that can make you pretty. But are these safe? We looked at some common beauty products and treatments that can be harmful for your body and listed some safer alternatives for you. Now you can prettify your self with less the chemicals.

Keratin Hair Straightener Products

Keratin hair treatments can give you a smooth, silky, no frizz hair, perfect for a shampoo commercial. However, most of the products use formaldhyde, a substance that can cause cancer when used for a long period of time. Some keratin products are labeled as formaldehyde free but most of these products are doing false marketing. It’s relatively safe if you only use these products once every 5 to 6 months. However, this poses a threat to hair stylist where they continually exposed to the product due to their profession.

Instead of using keratin straighteners, a safer alternative would be to use a hair conditioner, coupled with flat iron and a blow dryer. Combining these three and by using a few techniques, you can have a frizzy look hair the safer way.

Permanent Dyes for your Hair

Studies on the effects of hair dye to health are not clear. Some studies sucggest that long term use of hair dyes may potentially put you at risk in developing cancer, especially when using permanent hair dyes of darker colors. However, some studies contradicts this. There’s no sufficient research regarding the long term effects of hair dye use, however, just to be safe, try using plant-based dyes to color your hair. The effect is not as dramatic as permanent hair dyes but its a great way to color your hair without using too much chemicals. If you are not into full colors, you may also try highlights.Unlike regular dying, highlighting prevents the dye from coming into contact with your scalp and chemicals will not be absorbed through your skin.

Tanning Beds

No matter how much they advertise that it is safe to use, tanning beds are closely link to the development of melanoma. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can be life threatening. Aside from that, tanning beds emit UV radiation. UV rays has been proven to cause premature aging, and brown spots. Though tanning can be aesthetically pleasing, tans from tanning salons can damage your skin.

A safer alternative to tanning beds is by using tanning products. These products can give you an instant tan and some also contains sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. It may require a bit of technique when applying though but it is nonetheless safer compared to tanning beds.

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