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Eating Clean: The Key to Healthy Meals

Clean Eating

What does it mean to eat clean? The whole idea of eating clean is to basically choose foods that are close to their natural form as much as possible. So instead of processed meats and junk foods, you need to choose fresh whole ones. So instead of canned orange juice, why not try a raw oranges instead? Here are some tips and tricks on how to eat healthy.

Get More Whole Grains

Most processed grains lose their nutrients during the manufacturing process. This includes white bread, pasta, rice and more. Under the concept of clean eating replacing these with wild rice, whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta is important. You can also choose other whole grain food items such as oats and barley. By just doing this, you can reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart diseases.

Don’t Shy Away from Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are considered as the basics of clean eating. Some may prefer fresh, while others may resort to frozen fruits and veggies. If you are going to buy frozen fruits and veggies, just try to be more vigilant and make sure that there are no extra additives such as refined sugar or salt.

Though juicing may be healthy, it would be best to go for whole fruits and veggies because it has more fiber and has less sugar. Try to squeeze in about 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, depending on your desired calorie intake and level of activity.

Avoid Salty and Sweet, Just Go Natural

Since clean eating is keeping food as natural as possible, adding sugar and salt just go against it. Clean foods are not that sweet and not that salty so to flavor your foods, you can add cinnamon or other spices and herbs instead. Foods that may seem healthy such as yogurt may also contain artificial sweeteners and artificial flavoring. It is best tabs and cut down on of these foods.

Nothing Beats Water

When it comes to beverages, colas, sodas, juices, though some are labeled as low calorie, most have artificial sweeteners and sugar as additives. Instead of buying a can of soda, why not get yourself a bottle of water instead. If water is too plain for your taste buds, you can also drink some herbal tea instead or water with citrus. Water is the best fluid to fend off fatigue.

Want to Go Organic?

If eating fresh fruits and vegetables is not clean enough for you, then why not go organic. It is not a secret the fruits and vegetables can be sometimes loaded with chemicals. These chemicals are used to ensure a good harvest and to prevent pests from destroying the crops. Organic farmers on the other hand use natural pesticides instead of the chemical ones to ensure that the food that they grow are 100% safe.

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