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5 Ways to get Relief from Arthritis


Arthritis is considered a degenerative disorder characterized by joint inflammation that often causes pain and stiffness. One of the most common type of arthritis is called Osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis usually gets worse with age and is generally caused by the usual wear and tear of the joints. Another type of arthritis is called Rheumatoid arthritis. This type of arthritis on the other hand is caused by the immune system attacking the joints. It is an autoimmune disorder where the joints are treated as foreign tissue by the immune system.

Traditionally, doctors use anti inflammatory drugs and pain medications to relieve arthritis. However, some of these medications may cause some side effects. Palliative treatment such as homemade remedies for pain are also popular in treating arthritis.

1. Lose some weight

Weight is a huge factor when treating arthritis. This is because your body puts a strain on your joints especially on your knees, hips and feet. Reducing your weight can help alleviate pain caused by arthritis. This will reduce the overall stress on your body. decrease pain and prevent future damage on your joints.

2. Exercise and have an Active Lifestyle

Aside from losing weight regular exercise strengthens the joint. It promotes flexibility and maintains the range of motion of your limbs. Though exercise is important, weight bearing exercises such as running and walking can be damaging. Instead of these, try low-impact exercises such as swimming, aerobics, yoga or some stretching where it will allow you to flex your joints without further damage.

3. Hot and Cold Compress

Hot and cold compress are excellent in relieving joint pains. As a matter of fact it can drastically reduce inflammation and pain when done correctly. Take long warm baths in the morning to help ease joint stiffness and you can use electric blankets at night to ease pain and discomfort. This will also help loosen the joints. For cold compress, you can wrap an ice pack or frozen vegetables. Keep in mind not to apply ice directly to the affected areas as this may damage the skin too. Wrap it with a thin towel for quick relief.

4. Acupuncture

In ancient medicine, Chinese use thin needles on specific acupuncture points in the body to relieve pain. This is supposed to properly circulate the energy within your body and restore balance. When used for arthritis, acupuncture is said to be very effective in relieving joint pains. However, since it is slightly invasive, it is very important to find a certified acupuncturist in your area.

5. Meditation and Relaxation

Studies show that meditation and relaxation techniques can help improve joint pains by reducing stress allowing you to cope with the condition better. Research also shows that depression and arthritis can greatly benefit from relaxation techniques. Some inflammation can be caused by stress, thus relaxation and meditation is the key to reduce pain.

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