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The “Eye” Diet

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When I was young, my mother would usually say to eat more carrots so I can have good eyes. As it turns out, although carrots is considered as a good source of Vitamin A, it is not on top of the superfoods for the eyes. Here’s our top list of the best “eye diet”.


Popeye, instead of having super strength should have super sight. Spinach contains a vast amount of nutrients usch as lutein, a nutrient closely linked to a decrease in cataract surgeries. Aside from lutein, spinach also contains beta-carotene another important factor for eye health. Zeaxanthin is also found in spinach. This nutrient paired with Lutein are great antioxidants guarding the body from free radicals which plays a role in many eye conditions and other diseases.


Aside from giving you a taste of the sea, oysters contain a mineral called zinc. Zinc though may be underappreciated, it can be very helpful in promoting eye health. Zinc brings vitamin A to the liver for storage and to the retina for melanin production.

Green Tea

Green tea is popular to have loads of health benefits. This beverage is packed with a variety of flavonoids and antioxidants. Antioxidants do not only help the body get rid of the free radicals but also protects the retina from damage due to solar radiation. Studies also shows that drinking green tea daily reduces the risk of Glaucoma and other eye conditions.


Like all of the body organs, the eyes need ample supply of blood to ensure vascular health. Omega 3 fatty acids fond in walnuts can help you do just that. It improves blood flow and lipid levels that are very important for eye health. Studies also shows that ample amounts of omega-3 acids is important for normal infant vision development. It also prevents macular degeneration and dry eyes syndrome in adults.


Pumpkin contains carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthins that are essential for preventing age related eye conditions. These nutrients prevent macular degeneration. Pumpkins are also an excellent source of Vitamin A. Aside from that, pumpkin is very versatile and can be used for appetizers, desserts such as pumpkin pies, and for soups.

Eating to maintain good eye sight is basically not that different from eating healthy foods regularly. The nutrients essential for eye health are typically found in well balanced meals, with rich colored dishes (salads). Finally, the best way to protect your eyes is to take care of your body in general by eating lots of healthy food.

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