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Is There a Natural Way to Treat Asthma?


With all of the studies conducted on natural remedies for asthma management, you may wonder, is there really a natural way to treat asthma? Though treatment can be given, it is unfortunate that at this day and age, there is still no cure for asthma. This fact should also serve as a notice to avoid products and treatments that claim to be the “cure” for asthma.

Are Natural Therapies for Asthma Effective?

With ongoing researches, lit has been proven that some natural therapies for asthma can be effective depending on the type of asthma attack. Some asthma attacks are triggered by stress and relaxation and meditation techniques, such as deep breathing, guided imagery and muscle relaxation can be effective. These therapies targets the source of asthma, which is emotional stress rather than treating asthma itself.

Other studies show that diet also plays a role in the management of asthma. Foods containing anti-inflammatory components are said to alleviate inflammation due to asthma attacks. However, like relaxation therapies and breathing, these are palliative treatments that do not cure asthma.

Herbal products and natural remedies for asthma can also be effective. Mustard oil, ginger, eucalyptus oil, figs, coffee and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are said to provide some relief during asthma attacks. All of these natural treatments are used to loosen or dilate the bronchioles in the lungs to ease breathing.

Pros and Cons of Natural Remedies for Asthma Management

Though exploring natural ways to manage asthma, it is important to understand the therapies better and weigh the consequences that may be brought about by using such therapies. It is imperative that you check if the therapy can work for your type of asthma or if it can exacerbate the symptoms. There is a risk involved using natural treatments as opposed to using conventional method of managing asthma (through medications) since most of these natural treatments and therapies may not be fully proven to be effective. It is also possible to develop allergic reactions when using herbs and herbal products. Some side effects may be light but some can be life-threatening. Thus, if you are not sure of the effects, it is best to consult a health care provider before trying a natural remedy or treatment.

Though it is said that there are no cure for asthma, may it be natural or not, asthma symptoms can be controlled through medications or by natural means. They key to managing asthma is you and you need to trust your doctor to provide you with all the necessary information on various medications and natural remedies.

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